Mexico Cave Diving

Quality cave diver and cave Instructor training in Mexico in Sidemount cave diving and CCR Rebreather cave diving. I am an active cave diving Instructor spanning a cave Instructor career of over 20 years since 1997 and teach the following cave diver level training programs:

Intro to cave diver in sidemount O/C & CCR, Cave diver in sidemount O/C & CCR, Technical cave diver in sidemount O/C & CCR, Openwater sidemount plus a cave cartography and survey workshop, safety diver and diving safety officer workshop.

I am an active IANTD Instructor Trainer since 2003 developing and evaluating Instructors for the above Cave diving Instructor levels in open circuit sidemount O/C and closed circuit CCR Rebreathers.

All training programs and workshops can be organized either in Mexico or worldwide

CCR Rebreather Diving

I am an active CCR Rebreather cave diver for over 20 years enjoying Mexico cave diving and a CCR Rebreather Instructor and Instructor Trainer through IANTD. I teach the following CCR Rebreather diver level programs:

Mod 1 - Basic Rebreather diver on AP Vision Inspiration CCR and Vision Evolution CCR, Classic KISS CCR, ISC APEKS and COPIS CCR.

Mod 2 - Normoxic trimix Rebreather diver for the above Rebreathers plus Hollis CCR, JJ CCR, rEvo CCR, Pelagian CCR, X-CCR and Sentinel CCR

CCR Rebreather cave diving related programs such as the CCR Intro to cave, CCR cave diver and CCR cave cross over programs for all the above units.

I am an active IANTD Instructor Trainer since 2003 developing and evaluating Instructors for the above CCR Rebreather Instructor levels

Dive Industry Career and Dive Center Consulting

I have extensive diving experience as a cave diver and CCR Rebreather diver with a diving career in the scuba diving field for since 1991, Instructor since 1993, Cave Instructor since 1997, Instructor Trainer since 2003. I am a retired training agency franchise licensee holder and retired Dive Shop owner of two cave diving and Rebreather specialized dive centers in Mexico cave diving for 16 years.

If you need help to give your diving career or dive center a boost I can help you with staff training, market placement, social media campaingns, web page campaigns, dive center setup and more.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and German. I travel well and will come to your location for extended periods of time if needed

Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. as Matt


My name is Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. Matt, born in Germany in 1963 and residing in Mexico since 1995.

I am teaching independently selected diver and Instructor training programs as well as workshops in the field of CCR Rebreather diving and Cave diving in backmount, Sidemount and CCR cave.

I am specializing in consulting Dive Centers and Dive Instructors drawing my expertise from a diving career that started 1991 and took off when I became a diving Instructor in 1993, cave diver in 1994, trimix diver in 1995, Rebreather diver in 1996, cave Instructor in 1997, opened my first Mexico cave diving and Rebreather specialized dive shop in 2001, became a IANTD Instructor Trainer in 2003 and opened a second Mexico cave diving and Rebreather dive center in 2010.

I participated in a number of large cave and wreck diving expeditions, film productions, tv productions and movie productions in a variety of positions such as diving safety diver, diving safety officer, grip, stunt double, organizer and exploration push diver.

Dig into over 25 years of diving experience with 5500+ logged dives and of those 3500+ are cave dives with 1000+ technical dives and 1100+ hours on over 10 different CCR Rebreathers

mattmexico andreaswmatthes

Specialized training - Career and Dive Center consulting

Email me to and find out how I can help you to realize your dreams and potential at the diver, Instructor and Dive Center level with individual custom packages to give your diving career or Dive Center the biggest possible boost